“Cooking is a combination of science, art and invention”
Wiliam Lenzotti

Wiliam Lenzotti

Wiliam Lenzotti is the restaurant's executive chef. He opened “Paggeria di Sassuolo” in the 1980s, which is now known as "Salone dei Cocchieri". He learned the secrets of the Emilian cuisine in his grandmother’s kitchen, when he was just a child, presented with the delicious flavors of tradition. With time, he developed a vast knowledge of French cuisine and the experimentation of new cooking techniques. From the choice of ingredients to the careful creation of refined combinations, his dishes are uniquely characterized by a perfect blend of passion and thoroughness.

Donatella Galvani

Donatella Galvani is Wiliam's irreplaceable partner. She helps manage the restaurant and catering service, but is also directly involved in the kitchen. There, she helps Wiliam from start to finish, with a strong focus on the presentation of each dish: she makes sure that balance and elegance are respected to create a unique experience that starts from the first sight. The time she devotes to research and experimentation has no limits and her passion brings a wonderful energy to the kitchen.

Sebastiano Bafumo

Sebastiano Bafumo, graduated as a chef from hotel school. Following a series of professional experiences, he came to Salone dei Cocchieri where he quickly became Wiliam’s Sous Chef. Together, they pursue excellence and the promotion of a cuisine that enhances the qualities of food and wine, mixing tradition and innovation through creative ideas. Their style perfectly represents the contemporary need for a constantly evolving cuisine, exploring new horizons while using the territory’s best ingredients and brightest colors.