Lose yourself in a charming, timeless atmosphere

A combination of taste and creativity awaits you along the footsteps of tradition

The location

In front of Sassuolo’s Palazzo Ducale, overlooking Piazzale della Rosa, the sixteenth-century rooms of Salone dei Cocchieri provide an enveloping atmosphere pervaded by a timeless charm. There, our staff will be happy to welcome you and introduce you to an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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The kitchen

The dishes featured on the menu are the result of passion and a continuous strive for improvement and experimentation. Every single recipe has a story to tell, taking the palate on a journey through a world of taste that’s been wisely created by expert chefs. The result is a sophisticated experience that perfectly encapsulates both tradition and innovation.


The cellar

Wiliam Lenzotti himself, as a professional sommelier, is in charge of the cellar, which features some of the best local and international wines, specifically chosen to match the different dishes. The wine list consists of over 25 labels, with a strong focus on local products.

Wine List

Enzo Ferrari's way

Chef Wiliam learned from his grandmother Cesira, who worked as a cook in Enzo Ferrari’s home for a long time. There, she had the opportunity to experiment with traditional cuisine, finding original ways to delight the palate of the hosts and the many guests who visited.



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